21) M is for….


Have you thought about how you might remember who has been to your wedding? The traditional weddings I’ve been to have had a guest book to sign but I’ve come across some really interesting and unique ideas which could be used instead of a guest book.

  • Signed frame.

Your photographer may offer you an engagement shoot and sometimes this includes a mounted picture which your guests can sign. I really love the idea of the guests signing a photo – something you can treasure forever. When are you going to get the guest book out and read the comments? The photo can be changed to one of your wedding shots – perfect?


Problems – space? Will all of your guests by able to write a comment if Dear Auntie Gertrude writes 100 words?

  • Wish tree

This is something I’ve really researched into. The idea of guests having tags and attaching them to a tree with meaningful words of wisdom is perfect. There are so many varieties of tags and trees, including a step-by-step guide on the Internet how to make your own. This is originally a Dutch tradition which is creeping its way to the U.K.


Problems- how do you ensure all your guests write on a tag?

  • A fingerprint family tree

Another gorgeous keepsake. This idea of keeping a memory of your family (and friends) who attended your wedding is beautiful. I think having this displayed in your family home will be a focal point, a memory trigger as you remember the best day of your life.


Problem: will your guests want to get the paint on the finger? Will they want to risk the chance of getting paint on their clothes?

  • Jenga bricks

Guests can write a memory or a message on Jenga blocks. There are so many different ways in which the Jenga blocks could be used later on. Perhaps you’d want to display them in a frame around your home? Or maybe you’d like to keep them all in the box and play the game and remember the comments?


Problem: What if they want to write more than you can fit on a jenga block? Will you have enough jenga blocks?

  • Wine bottles

For the wine loving couple! Guests can write messages on the bottles (make sure you buy pens that can write on glass). Maybe they write on a special bottle of wine?


Problem: Will the writing remain on the bottle? Where are you going to store the bottles? Is there anywhere you can display them?

  • Pebbles

Guests write messages on pebbles – could you display them in your garden?


Problems: If you have them in the garden, will they get ruined by the weather? Very heavy keepsake!

  • Polaroid photographs

Polaroid pictures are taken of the guests and they can write a message on their picture – a memory and a picture of them, what more could you want!


Problem: The hassle of waiting for the photos to print…will all the members of your family be able to work out how to use the camera? Will take a long time to have 120 photographs taken!

  • Story of how you met the bride and groom/memory

Instead of guests writing words of encouragement, they could write how they met the bride and groom. I’ve seen this done in many different ways, from a chalkboard with the memory on to a washing line, like this one.


Problem: Storing a chalkboard? How do you know if everyone has written one?

  • Couple’s initials

Guests sign the couples’ initials, display them in the house somewhere?


Problem: Will there be enough space for everyone to write. There will only be two initials, think about how many people can write a comment at once.

  • Key to success

Everybody is given a key with a luggage tag attacked to share their key to success. Awww what an interesting and cute idea!


Problem: what will you do with the keys and messages afterwards?

  • Jigsaw

Guests sign a piece of the jigsaw with a message – cute!


Problem: what will you do with the jigsaw afterwards?

  • Photobooth guest book

Guests write a message on a board and hold it up when they have their photo taken in the photobooth. Love the idea of a photo and message.


Problem: only one photobooth so only one person or set of people can begin to create their message with photos.

  • Wedding plates

Guests sign a plate and the plate can be hung on the wall.


Problem: will you hang them on the wall?


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